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Anastasia Waldecker

Oil Painting

The process of painting captures a thought, a feeling, a moment. It could be gone in a blink of an eye. Anastasia captures those moments and translates those through her landscapes and portraits. Using her palette knife allows her to create a lot of texture and freedom to layer the paint to create her depth. Her portraits are done with brush, cloth, and finger to allow that personality to be felt and displayed.

Anastasia strives for beauty with every stroke. Through her humble beginning to finding her passion where she is now, she has seen ongoing improvement through emotion and dedication. Creating art to inspire, to be kindhearted, to hang on the walls of homes creating beauty is without saying wonderful. However, to create the desire to make the world better, to touch your heart, showing you the true thoughts to compel a life change, to feel the power of nature's beauty is what she wants taken from her art.

She is very grateful for her favorite teachers that inspire her, George Eguchi and Jim Goodman. Also, where she started her painting journey at South Lake Tahoe, Santa Rosa Community Colleges and Honolulu Museum of Art School.

At the Pond ... 18x24 ... $1000.JPG
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