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Carolyn Wear

Acrylic and Oil  Paintings on canvas


This artist woke one morning a few months following her retirement from teaching Biology in the public school system to realize she really did not like being retired. She had always stayed busy with her career along with one project after another. She had loved everything she had been involved with, with the exception of being retired.  Her four children were grown and had families and careers of their own so she decided it was time to begin a new career. 


She is blessed with a husband who knows her and knows she constantly needs a new challenge. It was not a time to rest, but a time for new experiences, meeting new people, and making the most of each and every day. With his encouragement, she entered the wonderful world of art and has loved and cherished that decision.  To this date she is enjoying the adventure that will lead her to who knows where, she is truly enjoying the journey.

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