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Larry Wear

Hand Turned Pens

Hand Crafted Knives

Larry Wear served with the Army National Guard for 41 years, during which time he carried on his civilian job between training camps, tours in Iraq, Panama, and Korea.  While in high school he worked at Nehi Bottling Company and as an apprentice concrete finisher.  Larry began work with Post Welding following graduation from high school and then worked with Southern Life and Health Insurance for a short time before going to work with Sears where he finished his civilian work history after 39 years.


Three years following retirement from his civilian job, his wife retired and some say "his wings were clipped" and he began being  home more.  He returned to one of his loves, artistic wood crafting. It all began with hand turned pens made from domestic and exotic woods and deer antlers (with no deer being killed for the use of his antlers).  In the three and one-half years since then a variety of other hand crafted items have been added to the list of his art.  Each is one of a kind and are crafted with his unique artistic flair.  He works in his man cave producing knives, pens, frames, furniture, cutting boards, etc. and enjoys it immensely.  Larry’s beautiful creations are perfect here at Art & More Gallery just as they are at various shows, including local shows and festivals.  You will find many of his hand crafted items offered in our gallery.


Larry also works with his patrons on a commission basis to develop special creations just for them.  He has created pens and pendants of deer antler that hold special meaning to the person, and has used wood from sentimental structures to create pens as a remembrance of the structure.  Larry is open to his customer’s suggestions and makes every effort to please each customer.

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