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Kristina McCormick

Acrylic on Canvas

Faux Stained Glass

Kristina McCormick has always felt drawn to art and creating but because she started a family at a very young age she never made time to pursue that dream and instead Focused on finding a stable career to support her and her daughter. She got her lucky break when she was accepted into the union electrical apprenticeship program. She worked hard and when she finished her schooling she earned a permanent job with TVA. This job gave her a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  She loved her career and her coworkers were like family. She felt confident she had found an amazing career she could retire from. Unfortunately, her career in this field was cut short. A few years after being diagnosed with MS, she realized she was no longer able to continue working.

As it turned out, this devastating event did have a silver lining. After taking a One Stroke Art Class at Art & More, she realized she loved painting with acrylics. She has also tried her hand her hand with water color and loves creating with up-cycled materials.

Kristina's current focus is painting glass. She has always loved it's beauty and hated seeing the waste of discarded glass products. With this art form, she has now found a sense of accomplishment once again. She especially loves when she is able to repurpose glass to make it into something beautiful. She calls her creations, "Silver Linings Art" and she hopes that it may bring some of the joy into your life that is has given her.

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