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Paul Waitzman


Paul Waitzman has been playing with cameras for a while. From learning some basic film photography and dark room technique in the early seventies to digital photography and post processing now. All of it was basically background/hobby activity until recent years during which my enthusiasm has grown significantly. And, now that I've quit my day job, it's not quite a full time passion, but pretty close.

The transition from film to digital was easy. A flood took my camera and photographs in the mid 90's. It took a while, but I purchased a cheap digital camera in 2001. I've been doing real digital since 2002 when I purchased something a little more capable. Since then my knowledge, techniques and equipment have all improved. I think that comes naturally when you are doing something  you really enjoy. I know this is a continuous process.

My goal is to capture and convey the emotion of the moment. It might be colors, vistas, expressions, action, or something else. I try to keep it broad; I generally shoot people, landscape, wildlife, structures, and magic light (probably my favorite). Each of those has its own set of challenges and rewards. One thing I've found is that planning is key … then luck sometimes happens.

Vincennes Beach Sunrise.jpg
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